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  • Help put a stop to devastating hospital cuts

    Ontario is in last place for hospital funding in Canada  
  • Crisis in Corrections

    OPS Table Talk 2015 Issue 45 – Government to investigate bargaining-related incidents
  • Act now to stop the sale of Hydro One!

    We still have time to stop this privatization and we need your help to keep fighting! Flood your local MPP with calls, letters and emails. Hydro One belongs to us all.
  • Calling OPSEU is changing

    The way OPSEU members reach OPSEU staff and Executive Board Members (EBMs) by phone is changing.  
  • Part-Time College Support Workers

    Ontario’s part-time college workers should be treated fairly. Equal pay for equal work, job security, paid vacation and sick days are some of the benefits part-time support workers can attain by joining OPSEU.

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