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Consumer Price Index: Keeping Track of Your Wages

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) tracks changes over time in consumer prices.  The CPI is widely used to measure inflation and to see if our wages are keeping up with changing prices.


To compare your recent wage increases to the latest wage trends from the public and private sectors, follow this link to Collective Bargaining Information Services (CBIS), Ontario Ministry of Labour.  

The CBIS reports provide information on collective wage settlements in Ontario, including settlement summaries, wage trends and major negotiations underway. The reports for March, June, September and December also provide quarterly information on work stoppages, duration of negotiations, and the stage at which negotiations were settled.

How to use the CPI:  Examples

CONSUMER PRICE INDEX (Inflation) Updated to March 2014

Consumer Price Index and Percentage Change:  Ontario

Consumer Price Index:  Ottawa, Toronto, Thunder Bay

CPI Percentage Change:  Ottawa, Toronto, Thunder Bay

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