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Everyone can help win our biggest organizing drive  

Talk it up, spread the word.

We’re impressed with the incredible support for our campaign to win rights for college part-time workers – one of the largest organizing drives in Canadian history.  Thousands of people working part-time in support staff and faculty positions at the 24 community colleges have now signed union cards, and we are well on our way to making a strong case to win union rights for them.

We know the current law banning them from organizing a union is not only unfair, it’s unconstitutional. But the first step in our battle for union rights is to prove to the government that these workers want a union. To do that, we need to sign them up.

While wages and working conditions for full-time unionized employees are the same across the province, those of non-union part-timers vary widely from college to college.  So does the number of part-timers at each college, with the majority of part-timers employed by the large colleges in the Toronto area.

Our team of organizers has a tough job locating thousands of workers, but they are being aided by our college full-timers. Most face-to-face contacts result in a signed union card.

Your OPSEU Executive Board, representing the many different sectors of our union, has affirmed its solid support for the campaign. OPSEU has expended plenty of resources – people and money -- on this drive. But our end goal – human rights for people – is certainly worth the effort.

Everyone must help us win: If you know someone who works part-time at a college, ask him or her if they’ve signed a union card.

If you are an OPSEU member working at a college, I am especially asking you to do your part. You will soon receive a letter from me in the mail, along with two union cards. Please ask any part-timers you know to sign the cards and mail them back to OPSEU.

Together, we will win!


In solidarity,


Warren (Smokey) Thomas


Warren (Smokey) Thomas President

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