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Lock Talk Archive: 1999 - 2004

July 20, 2004 New escort agreement reached.  Settlement sets out procedures for escorting inmates outside the institution

June 30, 2004 Agreements reached for Probation & Parole Access given to lateral transfers and job trades

June 16, 2004 "Summer of Chaos" kicks off in Hamilton.  Correctional officers protest "abuse" of unclassified employees.

March 31, 2004 MERC Agreements help preserve Job Security and Job Mobility. Corrections to meet at Convention.

February 16, 2004 Youth justice: negotiations ongoing. MERC urges support for Local 369.

November 26, 2003 Move to Ministry of Children's Services raises many questions and concerns.   A K"winter" chill.

August  7, 2003 Next step to fill classified positions begins. Grievance decision clarifies leave of absences, strike and resignation issues with respect to Unclassified Seniority for June 16, 2003 Agreements. Unclassified protest at EMDC.

July 7, 2003 Process to fill classified positions begins. Time to update the contact list. Support Workers at Rotherglen.

June 18, 2003 Agreement reached to fill CO positions at some institutions.  Future talks scheduled to deal with non-COs and CO positions at other institutions.

March 27, 2003 It's time to invest in the future. Guelph picketer found innocent on St. Patrick's Day. Ed wants your issues.

November 29, 2002 Ministry must take steps to fix problems at the Don. Agreement reached on Unclassified Contracts through Systemic Change. Union welcomes inquiry at TYAC

November 15, 2002 Charges dropped against officers at Millbrook. Corrections begins internal mediation program.

October 31, 2002 Workload issues focus of new P&P subcommittee.  An urgent appeal for Toronto East.  Corrections Divisional this weekend.

July 12, 2002 Pay increase delays ridiculous.  "Pepper memo" has wrong flavour

June 24, 2002  Transition agreement released today Agreement covers Eastern, Central and Northern regions

February 8, 2002 Last one to leave, turn the lights off:  Why are staff bailing out at MTC? | Not happy (boot) campers:  Ministry report on boot camp success “nonsense,” researcher says

January 18, 2002 P&P grievances on fast track | MTC on the brink of losing another facility

January 4, 2002 OPSEU responds quickly to P&P crisis Management says no to buttons at the “Brook” Members suspended for supporting bargaining

December 21, 2001 "Thank God for my union": Unclassified officer reinstated after four year battle | Members keep accused murderer behind bars | New Mexico officers fired over mistaken release

December 7, 2001 This policy really is “sick”: Toronto Jail sick time plan “like something from the Dark Ages” | Experience saves a life | Mediation services now available | A vicious cycle | Dave has a new number | Resolution watch

November 23, 2001 Is MTC falling apart at the seams? Hunger strikes, riots and resignations plague superjail | Members receive surplus notices | The Warrior hits 200: Resolution count up to 268

November 9, 2001 MTC releases rape suspect by mistake | Demonstrators descend on Baird (with pictures) | MOL rules on Toronto West refusals | Go online and sign! | Resolution watch

October 26, 2001 Doors start to swing shut Barrie, Parry Sound begin decommission process 

October 19, 2001 Members keep Millbrook safe: Union action prevents possible uprising | Inquest says Sudbury needs new locks

October 5, 2001 PPOs rock Mississauga (includes pictures from event) | Shift premium decision handed down | Riot quelled at HWDC: Almeida credits officers for averting injuries

September 21, 2001 Lock Talk celebrates its “centennial” | Promises to keep: Sampson’s commitment to transport funding rings hollow | Resolution watch 

September 28, 2001 Sampson to receive a visit from P&P | Recommendations made to alleviate jail conditions | Welcome to the new H&S vice-chair | Help wanted: Ministry advertising for correctional officers | Sampson going “3-D”? | Gain one, lose one

September 14, 2001 Labour minister defends changes to Act | Management slammed for P&P practices

August 27, 2001  No single meeting on PPO classification issue "Members have a right to individual meetings" | OTIS problems escalate | 40-hour carry-over is back for the 2001 calendar year | Millbrook safety issue resolved

August 17, 2001 Minister supports investigations by phone

August 10, 2001  Tories slammed for reneging on Thunder Bay | Escape leaves officer injured | Get out and support these members | Get your resumes in | Do you want fries with that? | Resolution watch

August 3, 2001  Agreement reached on non-correctional positions | Settlement signed on vacation scheduling | Resolution watch | Correction

July 27, 2001  No bargaining...yet | P & P button campaign kicks into gear | Resolution Watch

July 20, 2001  P&P enforcing again, Member involvement the key | Wellington inmates on tour | Resolution Watch

July 13, 2001   "Just lock the doors" Ministry opposes OPSEU battle to make Kenora Jail safe | Uxbridge lockout continues | Wellington D.C. the next to go | Resolution Watch

July 6, 2001  Hostage crisis in Fort Francis ends peacefully | Sampson responds | Waterloo closes tonight | In case you haven’t seen it… | E-mail warning

June 29, 2001  Riot destroys Peterborough Jail | Escort agreement on the web | Resolution Watch

June 22, 2001 MTC loses facility in home state | Keele P&P conditions slammed by critic | Billboard generating reaction | Resolution Watch

June 22, 2001 Special Alert Strike alert in Uxbridge  | Last call for voluntary exits

June 15, 2001  Billboard launch exposes tax break | Six hurt in Whitby riot | “Reckless” purchases nixed by Minister | Resolution Watch

June 8, 2001 Today’s menu: Elephant? | Three jails given closure notice | Ministry blinks on TB appeal | OOPS, did I hit the wrong key? | Killer on the way

June 1, 2001   Skunk arrives at the picnic | Make MTC “pay its fair share” | Hello, goodbye

May 18, 2001  The grand illusion | Grievance win sets new rules for overtime | Videos, buttons on the way 

May 11, 2001 A tribute to the people of Penetanguishene | Health and safety meeting produces results | Agreement on the web | Another GSB win

May 9, 2001 Important Announcement MERC reaches agreement on job provisions
May 10, 2001 Memorandum of Settlement

May 4, 2001 Inmates stabbed at Toronto West "Blind luck" that no officers were hurt   Mayors meeting in Penetang  Managers unionizing?   Resolution Watch

April 27, 2001  Cradle robbing in Penetang? U.S. problems could be headed here | Button campaign picking up speed | Conference calls happen next week | Corrections bargaining team elected | Solid links to be established | Escort policy non-negotiable | A milestone reached!

April 20, 2001 Corrections swamps Ontario media | Safety takes back seat to bucks: Maplehurst superjail to be occupied despite numerous risks | “Enough is Enough”

April 12, 2001  Corrections media blitz! | Hear no evil, see no evil | Resolution Watch 

March 23, 2001  Relocation settlement signed at last | The threats continue | Resolution watch | Counter-Spat! Clear TV victory for anti-privatization

March 16, 2001 "Crime warehouse" plagued with safety problems - Sampson officially opens Maplehurst mega-jail | CBC to air private jail debate | Resolution watch

March 9, 2001 Bullets fly at Mimico | Gotcha! Thunder Bay council now on board | Sampson returns | Deadline extended | Task force meetings under way | Inmate receives 32 months for staff assaults | So how’s Mike doing?

March 2, 2001  OPSEU launches corrections safety task force | Syl Apps workers finally getting cash | Officers hurt at TYAC riot | Where there’s smoke… | Resolution Watch

February 23, 2001 No silver tongue from Sterling | A simple (minded) plan | Officers charged at Toronto East | Conference calls coming

February 16, 2001 Competition charges bring quick results  | No Canadian companies will run Penetang superjail |  Penetang councillors ready to blow: Latest rebuff by Minister “unbelievable” |  Plans being made |  Paying for compliments  | Resolution watch

February 9, 2001 Real zero tolerance: Ministry claims of protecting staff merely "bluster" | Private jail investigated after sixth prisoner dies | Escort policy hearings scheduled |No change in Ministers

February 2, 2001  Hearings conclude for RFP grievance |"Intolerable retribution":Severance pay, employment records withheld from Syl Apps members |Private firm loses jail contract | Escaped inmate calls police after getting lost |Write this down | Resolution watch | Can you help Len out?

January 26, 2001 From bad to worse: Ministry continues to batter Penetang council | Relocation grievance settled:OPSEU scores another big victory | Inmates riot at Australian private jail  | Resolution watch: 179…and counting.

January 19, 2001  The vultures are circling: Are U.S. prison companies getting ready to pounce? | Another successful operation: Barrie Jail riot quelled without injury | Inquiry exposes E. coli bungle at jail | Send that info in | Resolution watch

January 12, 2001 Penetanguishene "RFPeeved": Town council furious at Ministry's arrogance | "Minutes from disaster": Windsor Jail tragedy averted thanks to professional training | Looking for escort violations | Is there a doctor in the house? | Vacation grievance going to arbitration 

January 5, 2001  Penetang RFP arrives but recent grievance win could create big problems for Ministry | Carrying on a Sampson tradition | CCA hit with huge fines "down under" | TB infection hits Hamilton | Resolution watch

December 19, 2000  RFP grievance scheduled for hearing | A little Yuletide cheer | Resolution watch | Keep sending in those ballots

December 15, 2000  Paying through the nose: City of Guelph doesn’t think that the superjail is so super | Ministry treading water on Springboard | Resolution watch | Still awaiting vacation decision

December 8, 2000 Sampson resigns | What about the non-confidence vote? | Grievance win throws privatization for a loop | Investigation may widen

December 1, 2000  Demonstrators brave the chill (with pictures) | Ministry to probe interviews at York Detention | Watch for those ballots!

November 28, 2000 Abuse of Power: Ministry wants complete control | Grievances moving quickly | Cook-Chill grievance also filed

November 17, 2000 A year in review | Buffalo State College fights private prisons | Demo coming up | Resolution watch

November 10, 2000 TAP dancing: Sampson caves to Liberal pressure | Oh, those irritating public servants  | No, not THAT Straight Talk | Resolution watch

November 3, 2000 Penetang RFP delayed | Vote of non-confidence to go ahead | Big words, no substance |  Corrections even closer to autonomous bargaining |  Composting and spanking? Applicants "humiliated" by private jail interview

October 27,  2000   Missed…by a hair | Escort complaint awaiting decision | How Straight will this Talk be? | You don’t have to be crazy, but it helps | Privatization signs available on the web | Resolution watch

October 20,  2000 Buzz cuts and breakouts | Does Sampson have a clue what’s going on? | Penetanguishene demo renews hope | Looking to move north? | Resolution watch

Oct 13, 2000 "Make that bad man go away!" MPP refused entry to private Y.O. facility | Law Union conference next week | Sudbury demo a huge draw |  Resolution watch

Oct. 6, 2000 Is that your final answer? Recidivism on the rise thanks to Sampson | Systemic Change Programme finally arrives | Resolutions pouring in

Sept. 29, 2000 "Imagine our surprise and amazement": Secret report blasts private Y.O operation | C.O.'s have breakfast - with Rob! | Axe drops on vacation schedules | 100!  | Don't forget!

September 22, 2000 You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hurl: It’s not Wayne’s World - it’s Rob Sampson! Unclassifieds say no to benefits.  Ottawa demo brings out Liberal Leader - again.  Maplehurst - pizza and MPPs.

September 15, 2000 What were they thinking? Millbrook license plate debacle comes to a quick end| Tough, new policy is neither | Here comes the ‘Hurst | Survey on its way |Len gets 91

September 8, 2000 Sorry, Rob, no one is coming to play: OPSEU poll shows no experience heading to Penetang | Penetang council rips RFQ | Demo week packs a wallop | And three more make 90

September 1, 2000 "Secret" RFQ meeting infuriates Penetang | Millbrook demo biggest yet (with pictures) | Next week is demo week!

Aug 25, 2000 A slur on a community | Quinte protestors stronger than the weather (with pictures) | Don’t forget the "Brook" | Len has Mono

Aug 18, 2000 Police take down armed offender at Yonge St. P&P | CAPP outraged by Minister’s comments | Do I hear 86? | Don’t forget!

Aug 11, 2000 Sampsonella poisoning? | Victimizing the victim | Another protest planned | They must have been "listening"

Aug 4, 2000 "We are not amused" Prisoners riot in private British jail… | …and officers strike in England and Scotland | Sarnia sets Sampson smoking | Ministry plans to ignore agreement | Passing the bucks | Millbrook demo coming up

July 28, 2000 Preparing for a British invasion? | Government poll confirms OPSEU findings  | Two more communities on board | Lateral transfers moving again

July 20, 2000 Government agrees to halt privatization of offender transportation | Owen Sound council slams the door…twice | Liberal Leader slams the Tories for closure of the Sault | Unclassified benefits Q&A

July 14, 2000 Trouble brewing | Relocation grievance on the move | Breakthrough for Probation and Parole | Unclassifieds begin to see benefit pay

July 7, 2000 Success in Steel Town | Sault Jail slated for closure | Two more make 84 | NDP convention supports public jails | Sunday, Sunday

June 30, 2000 It's up! It's good! | Today's weather: Low eighties| Niagara Falls council rejects Sampson…again | Minister gets jolt from Penetang OPP | "It’s about respect"

  June 23, 2000  Jail violence hits the headlines | "Powder Kegs  |  Put it on your calendar

June 16, 2000 Demo a roaring success  Ombudsman sounds alarm about privatization  | Thanks, Rob: Sampson endorses staff safety  | Union grievances filed

June 9, 2000 LockTalk:  Kitchener city council says no | Ministry stonewalls on can teen improvements | Watch your mail | Mimico/TYAC demonstration | Survey on autonomy in the works | Where is that echo coming from?

June 2, 2000 LockTalk: Penetang creating "RFP from hell" | Vanier protest draws a crowd | The canteen follies continue | One more down | Right hand ... meet the left hand

May 26, 2000 LockTalk: Resistance builds against government plans | Iroquois Falls says No to Monteith closure | Don Jail protest privatization | Hodgson seen in Lindsay | Relocation grievance win | Bidders can't meet criteria 

May 19, 2000 Divisional meeting covers a lot of ground   | Benefits for unclassifieds a step closer   | The counter keeps rolling   | How’s that again, Rob?   | Sarnia refuses to stoop to Sampson’s level   | Mark your calendar

May 12, 2000 Penetang vows to continue the fight  |  Resolution watch | Sarnia busy spreading the word  Corrections division set to meet  Doing a public duty

May 5, 2000 Take a deep breath | Sault Ste. Marie refuses to back down |  165 new Probation & Parole officers set for hire | 64 and counting  | CAPP Mississauga launches website

Apr 28, 2000 Sampson BENCHED

Apr 14, 2000 Sampson goes to Penetanguishene. Big talk … and no answers

Apr 14, 2000 The "Duke of Diplomacy" wins more friends…

Apr 12, 2000  Sampson going to Penetanguishene…finally

Mar 31, 2000 Wow! Penetanguishene walk draws 800+ to protest privatization

Mar 24, 2000  Way to go, Rob!

Mar 17, 2000 Ministry issues ‘threat’ to Simcoe County

Mar 13, 2000  Grievance beats the worst of “scheduling principles”. The next step is up to OPSEU locals

Mar 10, 2000 Ready, Set, PROTEST

Mar 3, 2000 PROTEST AGAINST PRISON PRIVATIZATION Tuesday, March 7, 2000 11AM – 1PM

Mar 2, 2000  Union team refuses bribe

Feb 25, 2000  British expert’s whirlwind tour captures massive media attention

Feb 18, 2000 Demo slams privatization, misuse of unclassifieds

Feb 11, 2000  Ministry backs off vacations as actors continue to step down

Feb 4, 2000 Private prison forum set for Penetanguishene:  be there!

Jan 28, 2000 Don’t buy into schedule intimidation

Jan 24, 2000 Members must choose as ComSoc facilities to go private

Jan 21, 2000 Police Association backs Correctional Officers

Jan 14, 2000 Penetanguishene comes out swinging

Jan 07, 2000 Tory MPP gets "whacked and stacked"

Dec 30, 1999 Union files complaint over privatization of offender escorts

Dec 17, 1999 Penetanguishene spits out "cyanide pill" as campaign leaves the launch pad

Dec 10, 1999 Chatham angling for superjail

Dec 03, 1999 Privatization Q&A

Nov 19, 1999  Superjail goes private; 9-to-9 shifts coming



Corrections Bargaining Update
Bargaining news from your OPSEU Corrections bargaining team in the Ontario Public Service

Survey results
April 12, 2001
SABOTAGE: How Harris government policies have increased the use of sick time by Ontario correctional officers 

Press Release
February 28, 2001 Union invites Minister to join Corrections task force into jail conditions
Includes letter from Leah Casselman to Norm Sterling and remarks by Len Hupet, OPSEU First Vice-President/Treasurer, at the news conference at Queen’s Park, Feb. 28, 2001

Bill 144
Corrections Accountability Act
An Analysis Of The Act Provisions Dealing With Privatization

Bill 144  149.00KB 


Corrections Critic David Levac has made these signs available for members to download and display

 Adobe PDF format. 

April 2000: Report by Stephen Nathan, Journalist & Researcher

Additional Information

What's the cost of failing to treat Ontario's violent offenders? Jan 18th, 1999

Escort Policy Information  Summary of Orders







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