OPS Bargaining 2013

Wear a lanyard, display a flag.

Support your bargaining teams by wearing one of our brand new lanyards and displaying an OPSEU flag on your desk  Local presidents are invited to order the lanyards and desktop flags for members.

Lanyards are quick release in the back and include a bull-dog clip and split ring, ideal for keys and building access cards. Priced at cost $2.00 each.

Flags are free-standing. Priced at cost $4.00 each.  Now $3.00 each.

Download order form or use online ordering form below

Wear a Corrections black and silver safety lapel pin

Support the Corrections bargaining team by wearing a black and silver lapel pin with the word ‘safety’ on it. We have sufficient quantities for Corrections Bargaining Unit members only. Local Presidents are invited to order these pins for their Corrections Bargaining Unit members. Priced at cost $1.50 each.

Download the order form  or use online ordering form below


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