Protest the Canada-China trade deal: e-mail Stephen Harper today

November 1, 2012

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas is calling on OPSEU members to send a message to Prime Minister Stephen Harper today.

“We’re telling him to put the brakes on the secret trade deal he’s signed with China,” Thomas said. “If approved by Parliament, this deal will give Chinese companies the right to sue Canadian governments who attempt to protect our jobs, resources, and public services. The Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPA) will turn Canada into nothing more than a resource colony of China.”

Not long ago in Canada, international trade deals were subject to many months of public scrutiny and intense debate. But on the Canada-China FIPA, Stephen Harper has so far refused to let a proper debate take place. That’s why thousands of Canadians from unions, the women’s movement, and dozens of other groups will be demanding that Harper hold parliamentary hearings into the Canada-China FIPA. Messages should be sent today, November 1.

To send a message to Stephen Harper and your Member of Parliament, please visit the Council of Canadians web site here.



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