LCBO union calls for action on part-time and temporary work

December 9, 2008

TORONTO – The union representing workers at the LCBO is calling for better wages and working conditions for part-time and temporary workers – no matter where they work.

"At a time when key sectors of our economy are losing jobs, it’s absolutely crucial that we address the problem of part-time, temporary, precarious work in Ontario," said Warren (Smokey) Thomas, president of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. "We’re calling on government and employers to take action to help turn poor jobs into good jobs."

Three out of eight Canadians work at part-time, temporary, insecure jobs of one kind or another, Thomas said. These workers often receive a lower hourly wage than their full-time co-workers and many don’t get enough hours of work to live on, he added.

"Ontario needs good jobs, not part-time, temporary, throwaway jobs," Thomas said. "It’s time governments and employers took responsibility for what’s happening.

 "We’re calling on the McGuinty government to introduce legislation in Ontario to require employers to pay the same hourly rate to part-time and temp workers that they pay to full-time, permanent workers," Thomas said. "This legislation is already in place in the European Union, and Saskatchewan and Quebec both offer some equality protections for part-time and temp workers. It’s time to modernize our laws."

OPSEU’s Equal Pay for Equal Work campaign is endorsed by the 40-organization Good Jobs Coalition. The campaign web site is at .

OPSEU members are joining community allies at events outside LCBO stores in 19 Ontario communities today. Over 60 per cent of LCBO employees are "casuals" paid as little as $10 an hour by an employer who made $1.35 billion in profits last year.

For more information:

TORONTO: Randy Robinson (416) 448-7441; (416) 788-9134 (cell)
OTTAWA: Devon Ford (613) 762-3013 (cell)
LONDON: Judith Laird (519) 630-9919 (cell)
BARRIE: Dora Robinson (905) 751-9851 (cell)
FORT FRANCES: Anne Makela (807) 626-6444 (cell)
THUNDER BAY: Anne Makela (807) 626-6444 (cell)
SUDBURY: Laurie Miller (705) 349-0306 (cell)
NORTH BAY: Mellisa Jackson (705) 471-4739 (cell)
HAMILTON: Paula Sossi (519) 503-5369 (cell)
WATERLOO: Paula Sossi (519) 503-5369 (cell)

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