Disability Rights Caucus: OPSEU Disability Rights Caucus invites member applications

February 11, 2013

The OPSEU Disability Rights Caucus is inviting OPSEU members who self declare as having disabilities, as defined under the Ontario Human Rights Code, to apply for two (2) vacancies on the OPSEU Disability Rights Caucus.

There will be an anonymous selection process. The applications are to be sent to the Equity Unit so that they are received NO LATER THAN 5:00pm ON APRIL 27, 2013. The Equity Unit will remove the applicant’s name, local, and any identifying information prior to passing on the application to the Caucus Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will screen the applications and make a recommendation to the Caucus based on the following considerations for composition of the caucus: ·

  • geographic balance of the seven (7) regions

  • a wide range of disabilities with a balance of visible and non-visible disabilities

  • mix of community and union activity

  • gender balance

  • a desire to network, advocate, educate, and increase equality for individuals with disabilities

A decision will be made at the Disability Rights Caucus meeting in the beginning of May.   Following that meeting, all applicants will be notified accordingly.

PLEASE FORWARD COMPLETED APPLICATION TO JAYME BADER IN THE EQUITY UNIT (e-mail to equity@opseu.org or fax to 416-448-7419) NO LATER THAN 5:00PM ON APRIL 27, 2013.

Download Application

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