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July 24, 2008: Stench of privatization still lingers at Penetang superjail

March 12, 2004: Superjail Correctional Officers ratify first Collective Agreement

March 8, 2004: Tentative agreement reached at Superjail

February 23, 2004: MTC Australian jail strike escalates as superjail union to resume talks

February 13, 2004: Superjail Correctional Officers reject second contract offer

January 23, 2004: Correctional Officers vote 99% to reject contract offer

Negotiations News from Local 369 - Central North Correctional Centre

February 27, 2004

What's In Issue 23

Bargaining resumes (again) on March 7: Members to meet March 11 regardless of outcome
What is a "No Board"?
Ministry takeover does not mean job loss

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Previous Issues

December 15, 2003 Issue 22 Bargaining continues in January. OPS rates go up in 2004.

November 7, 2003  Issue 21 Remember our demands. Health and safety issues on the move. The Debunking Depot. The Stiffe Awards.

October 30, 2003  Issue 20  Crunch time at the bargaining table. Health and safety issues on the move.

September 23, 2003  Issue 19 Bargaining still in process. Elections are on again. Running short is not "normal". Don't work unsafe.

August 28, 2003 Issue 18  Situation normal: bargaining continues. "Right to know" law takes effect Monday. Insist on you meal break! Executive elections to be held Sept. 12.

August 18, 2003  Issue 17 Staff fight ban on lieu days. Has management had a change of heart? By-elections planned for Exec. positions .Accommodation: know your rights. Bargaining continues

August 7, 2003  Issue 16  Bargaining begins CNCC staff protest work conditions The Stiffe Awards: "Embarrassment" is in the eye of the beholder

 July 31, 2003  Issue 15 Time to tell it to Utah: Demo ready to roll on Friday.  The Stiffe Awards: Will the mystery guest please sign in?  6 to go.

July 24, 2003 Issue 14 Visitors Barred From County Jail. The Stiffe Awards: Things that go bump (and sweep) in the night

July 17, 2003 Issue 13 County gets 30 days to fix jail. Welcome aboard.

July 14, 2003 Issue 12 Corrections secretary 'not pleased' with jail audit. These are our demands. The Stiffe Awards: To the hospital, Jeeves

July 3, 2003 Issue 11 Just in case you missed it...Union president threatened with dismissal. These are our demands. The Stiffe Awards: No rest for the weary.

June 26, 2003 Issue 10 Back in the hands of the public? Changes Slated for County Jail. These are our demands. The Stiffe Awards: Take no notice of notice

June 19, 2003 Issue 9 City to Pay more to House Inmates. Media Frenzy! These are our demands

June 12, 2003 Issue 8 The Stiffe Awards: Discipline up to and including dismissal. These are our demands.

June 5, 2003 Issue 7  Costs increase at MTC jail. Bargaining dates set. These are our demands.The Stiffe Awards: Fashion Victim?

May 29, 2003 Issue 6  Detention Center Plans Job Fair to Quickly Fill Vacancies. Pulp Fiction? These are our demands. The Stiffe Awards: Pulp Friction.

May 22, 2003  Issue 5. Investigation continues in death at Super Jail. These are the demands! Take this quick quiz. Eats and greets.

May 15, 2003  Issue 4. Inmate dies at CNCC. Section 50 - protecting your right to refuse. Welcome to all of our readers. The Stiffe Awards

May 8, 2003  Issue 3. Union to receive MTC riot reports. "Valid concerns" about MTC ethics. The Debunking Depot: Rumours quelled and dispelled. The Stiffe Awards

May 1, 2003  Issue 2. It's about equality. Problems at MTC Jail force cuts. The Debunking Depot: Rumours quelled and dispelled. The Stiffe Awards

April 24, 2003  Issue 1. Your demands are in. We're almost ready - are you? The Debunking Depot: Rumours quelled and dispelled. The Stiffe Awards

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