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CAS - Stop Workplace Violence Campaign

On January 26, 2007 Children’s Aid Societies, Union Health and Safety Co-Chairs  from across the province, and the Sector Executive, attended a one day workshop at OPSEU head office.

Members shared their experiences of workplace violence and the impact of having violence characterized as a normal part of work. Members discussed their rights under the Ontario Health and Safety Act and how to collectively enforce the right to a safe work environment.  This was done through the development of strategies to ensure that employers implement effective workplace violence policy and prevention programs.

Members left feeling “motivated to draw violence at the workplace to the forefront of issues for Joint Health and Safety Committees” and described developing an “awareness of the complexity of violence issues.” 

On February 26, 2007, CAS OPSEU members will launch the campaign in their locals.  CAS OPSEU Locals will be holding information booths and will distribute information to members along with OPSEU mugs with the slogan, “My Health and Safety Matters - Stop Workplace Violence.” Employers will be put on notice that Union Health and Safety Co-Chairs will be pursuing violence prevention strategies in workplaces across the province.  


CAS executive members Rick Pybus (L. 441), Jane Kaija (L. 668), and Susan Corlett (L. 454) plan strategy for the campaign.


Lynn Orzel, Union health and safety Co-Chair (local 454) attends union workshop.



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